A Spot for Pet Lovers to Share Their Pets... Are You Ready?

Ahhh… Pet ownership. The joys… the frustrations… the rewards… the challenges… the love!! Pet lovers everywhere know there is so much to learn… do you have all of the answers?

We have had pets constantly ever since we moved from the city to the country back in 1991. We have had many cats and one very large dog. In fact we have had pets even before that. We had a beautiful grey Cockatiel named Joey Boy back in 1986. There has been joy and there has been heartbreak and everything in between. We have learned a lot… a lot about pets… and like most pet lovers, a lot about ourselves.

Our domestic pets have been cats and a dog. But we count many of our wildlife visitors as our pets as well, so we have had quite a few.

And you… are you a pet lover? Do you have a pet? Is it a new pet? What pet did you choose and why did you choose it? Or… maybe your pet chose you!! Don't laugh… It happened to us. It can happen to you.

Or maybe you have had your pet for quite some time. Are you an experienced pet owner? It's amazing how much we learn from our pets. This is the place to share what you know so others can benefit.

If you are a pet lover who wants to learn, share and be kept informed, Pet Spots is the place to visit. Why? You can inform and be informed. You can inspire and be inspired. You can become part of a select community of pet lovers who love to share their enjoyment of their pets.

What are your favorite pet products? Who provides your favorite pet services? You can share your pet and what you know. You can share pictures and stories. Do you have a favorite dog-boarding kennel? Tell us and the world about it. Do you have a favorite Pet Store? We would love to hear about it as well. How about your favorite Cat Sitter? Surely you will want to tell us about her and why she is so great.

What about your favorite pet products? What about collars, leashes, toys, treats? We can share it all right here.

We will share our journey of pet ownership with you and provide you the opportunity to share your journey with us.

Want to talk about food and feeding? We can do it here. How about training? We can discuss that too. Toys and treats? Tell us what you know. We'll even talk about pet insurance and help you assess your needs there as well. Not all pet products are the same. If it's a pet related topic, we welcome it here.

Pet spots is a journey through our years of pet ownership and the lessons we have learned. Come join us and learn from our experiences. It can be a record of your journey too. Our site is loaded with opportunities for you to contribute. We would love to learn from your experiences as well.

So place your pet comfortably beside you and off we'll go together on our journey. We promise to share, inform and entertain.

Pet lovers, these pet spots are just for you.

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