Good Pet Names And The Stories Behind Them

No matter what type of pet you have, finding good pet names is always fun. Of course there are many ways of deciding on good pet names. Sometimes it is just a practical name. That was the case with a fellow who named his big dog "Hey You". Worked like a charm… "Hey You, come here!"

We were adopted by a stray cat. That was way back in 1991. Of course we had no cat food, but we did have a can of Brunswick Sardines in the pantry. I love them. The cat loved them even more. And so what did we name him? Brunswick! What other name would do? So as you can see, sometimes, good pet names will stare you straight in the face. All you have to do is see them.

Talking about good pet names… how about our Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog, Gus? You have seen him all over this website. In fact he thinks he owns sections of it! Well there is a story about how Gus got his name. This is why we say that finding good pet names can be fun.

I like to say that Gus got his name through marital compromise. And for any of you that are married you know how important compromise is in a marriage! You see Cheryl, my wife wanted to name our Great Pyr puppy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart… or "Wolffy" for a shortened version. Sure he grew to be larger than a wolf, but is that any reason to name him Wolffy?

I wanted to name him "Augustus Maximus, Lord of all he surveys". I thought that was very cool. But Cheryl thought that it was way too long. And here is where the marital compromise took place. After some give and take… we named him Gus.

Our cat Brunswick is long gone. But we do have another. He is a brown Tabby named Tattoo. And yes… you guessed it… there is a story attached to his name as well. Did we pull Tattoo's name from a list of pet names? Not a chance!

Tattoo was a rescued kitten. A friend, who has made fostering and placing kittens one of her passions, was fostering him with his little brothers and sisters. She is very good at placing kittens. So we were invited to see the kitten and we did but we left him behind since I was not ready for another kitten. Then a few weeks later she asked if we would take him for a week while she was on vacation. We agreed. At that time I said, "If we bring this kitten home it will be like being a drunken sailor on a Saturday night who wakes up on Sunday morning to find a tattoo on his arm. It is there forever.

The kitten never left either. He is my Tattoo.

What Unique Pet Name Did You Choose
For Your Pet??

Have you ever wondered why folks name their pets the way they do? We certainly have! Unique pet names seem to be everywhere. And some names are even very unusual.

But it's not just unique pet names that are interesting... even the more common names quite often have a great story behind them.

What name did you choose for your pet? Do you have a great story about why you chose it? Why not share it with us now!

And it would be great if you added a picture or four as well.

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