A black cat named Salem

by Sandy
(Braeside Ont)

Me and my little brother

Me and my little brother

Hi, I am a black cat named Salem. I used to have a twin, but he passed away last year.

I grieved for a whole week by not eating, but Mommy fed me tuna juice with an eye dropper and petted me lots and it helped.

I have a little brother... but he is hairless... his name is Cazimero. I like him OK now, but at first my brother and I laughed hysterically... It must be embarrassing to be naked... I have learned not to lick him (in affection) as he tastes odd.

We play together at times, but I am 11 years old and he does get "on my nerves" sometimes. He keeps bringing me his "krinkle ball" but I don't know how to throw it. Mommy does though.

I was born on Halloween, isn't that appropriate?
I have to do the perimeters of the yard myself everyday since my brother isn't allowed off a leash. I take my responsibilities very seriously.

Hey, I am still pretty handsome for my age, don't you think?

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by: Anonymous

My kitty's name is Salem too... however she is a girl. I rescued her when they wanted to bring her to the animal shelter because no one wanted her... she was the runt but she loves her name. She has a little white but shes a Salem anyway. love your cat so pretty<3 :o)

Yes, Salem - you are a mighty handsome fellow!
by: Janet

How appropriate that you were born on Halloween - What a special cat you are! Great story Salem!

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