The Best Pet Health Insurance for You... What Are You Looking For?

Let’s start here. What are your needs? What is the best pet health insurance for you? Do you want your pet insurance to cover all of your vet expenses? Do you want it just for the very expensive vet bills? Or do you want it somewhere in between. If you have not thought through what you need, chances are you will not be happy with your Pet Insurance coverage.

If paying for most of your vet care is the best pet health insurance for you, it will not be low cost pet insurance and it certainly will not be the cheapest pet insurance you can buy. If however, you want to cover only the most expensive treatments, those that are in the thousands of dollars, you may have low cost pet insurance that you never use. And depending on how you look at it… that could be viewed as a good thing… just like the fire insurance on your home.

Vet bills due to illness or accident can climb into the thousands of dollars very quickly. In some cases they can even climb into the tens of thousands. We know first hand how it feels to hear your vet say: “Your dog Gus must have surgery. It’s going to cost $4,000.00”. Your heart sinks. You ask yourself: “What do I do”?

Here is the tough question. At what point do you draw the line and make the horrible decision to say “Goodbye” to your beloved pet?

Is it $500? Is it $2,000? Is it $5,000? Is it more?

Choosing the best pet health insurance for your needs could help eliminate that decision, or certainly make more funds available to treat your pet.

We do know that “peace of mind” is a factor when buying pet insurance so you have to ask yourself:

“How much am I willing to pay for pet insurance I may never use, and how much am I willing to pay in addition if I do use it?”

How much can you afford for the peace of mind of knowing that your pet will be treated no matter how expensive the treatment is?

Experience says that when faced with a hard choice between paying thousands to treat their pet or having their pet euthanized, many pet owners pay far more money than they ever intended to. But sometimes the cost is just too high and the worst decision has to be made. Most of us have a very strong bond with our pets, so this is usually a time of real heartbreak. The question is, “Is your pet insurance going to be there to help you over the long term?”

Well here you are… you have a new pet, or have had your pet for a while and you believe that pet insurance might be a good idea. After all… you never know what will happen, do you? And you have probably noticed… those vet bills can add up very quickly!

Where do you start? You may have seen promotional material for Pet Insurance at your Vet’s office, so THAT must be the right Insurance for your pet… right? Not necessarily so!

Consider this the beginning of your research into finding what affordable pet insurance is. I’m sure, like most of us, you don’t have an endless supply of money, so you’re looking for the best pet health insurance for the lowest cost. Yes, low cost pet insurance is exactly what you are looking for.

But how do you find it? It can’t be all that difficult can it? After all don’t we simply look for the best pet health insurance that is also the cheapest pet insurance with the lowest premiums? That’s what low cost pet insurance is all about isn’t it?

Well hang on there a minute! It’s not quite that simple. Let’s take a closer look. Maybe a pet insurance review would be in order right about now. And that’s what we will do in the next section.

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