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We love cat pictures, don’t we? Well I certainly do. My name is Tattoo and I am Gus’s sidekick, and yes… I am a cat. Since Gus is a dog, and does not know much about cats, he has put me in charge of the Cat Spots and the Kitten Spots pages of this web site. I think he made a purrrfect choice, don’t you? You can make your cat a STAR!

We cats get a lot of attention and people like to take lots of pictures of us, especially when we are being beautiful or mischievous, which is what we cats like to do whenever we can! See the beautiful cat pictures others have contributed.

So what do we do with all of these beautiful pictures? Why not share them with the world, right here in the Cat Spots area? And of course you can share you cat stories as well. All it will cost you is a few minutes of your time, nothing more!

That’s right, find your favorite cat picture and write a few words about your feline friend and then share it with the world for free, right here on Cat Spots. Then tell your friends and let them see and comment on your fantastic feline.

This spot on the web is just like a warm comfy basket for a cat to curl up in. So don’t be shy… make the world a more beautiful place by sharing your best pictures here with us today. Just follow the easy step-by-step instructions… it’s fun… just like playing with a ball of string.

In addition you can view and enjoy everyone’s pictures and stories as well as make comments and rate them. It's a whole bunch of fun where you get the gift of sharing your cat with the world.

And there is so much more you will be able to do. You can ask questions of real cat owners about their experience with their cat. Learn what it is like to live with a Tabby like me, or share your home with a Calico or a Tuxedo like my playmates Yukon and Scotia.

It all starts with you, so I will turn you over to my human companion to guide you the rest of the way.

Have A Great Picture of Your Cat?

Hi... It's Tattoo's Human here. We sure do love our cats, don't we? And we love to take lots of pictures as they grow and spend their lives with us. And you have to admit, some of those pictures are actually very good! Why not find one of your favorites and share it with us right now?

Come on... Share it with the world! Give your cat a spot on the web. Then tell your friends. They will love you for it... and your cat will too!

It doesn't matter what it is... we believe all cats are beautiful!

Here Are Your Easy Step-by-Step Instructions.

1 – Tell us your pet’s name. It goes in the first box.

2 – Tell us about your pet. Your pet’s story goes in the second box.

3 – Send us a picture of your pet. Use the “Browse” button to find a picture of your pet on your computer.

4 – Agree with the Submission Guidelines, and then click the last button to share your pet with the world.

If you make a mistake, don’t worry. You can review and edit before sending your final work of art to us.

So there you have it… FREE Pet Spots for everyone!

As you proceed, if you need HELP... Click on the little ? found below.

Cat Pictures Other Visitors Have Shared

Click below to see wonderful cat pictures and stories from other visitors to this page...

A handsome Black and White named Willy 
Willy came home with us from the Humane Society in 1994 and enriched our lives for seventeen years. He was a sweet, loving kitty who expressed himself …

Siamese & Domestic long hair... Kira, Newton & Pushca 
This is at Pushca's cottage. He loves having his cousins Kira & Newton to visit. Kira, the smallest Siamese hisses at him and will think nothing of bashing …

Jazzy the Tabby/Tortie Mix 
Jazzy, at the time of this picture, was an 8 month old tabby/tortie mix. We got her from the local pet adoption and she was part of a litter of seven that …

This is a more recent photo of Tattoo our brown tabby. He comes when he's called. He gives weird massages. Loves to chase reflections and flashlight …

Our Ragdoll named Hazel also known as our Sweetheart  
Well the story is we found this Sweetheart on the internet searching for a Ragdoll for Christmas & as luck has it we found her on Nov 30th of 2009. …

GEORGE a Sable (chocolate brown) Burmese 
Ah....dear George. George is a 6 year old sable (chocolate brown) purebred Burmese. Much to my chagrin - he is an outdoor cat....this is an absolute …

Percy the Seal-point Ragdoll 
Percy is a seal-point ragdoll. He is far too fancy in his mind to be hanging out with us, but we do love him and he is a part of our family.

Here is a Tom Cat called "Jasper" 
We got Jasper from the RSPCA when he was 6 weeks old. We think when he was little he was traumatized by shopping bags and loud noises. He is know 7 years …

Himalayan Cloe 
I saw her at a pet shop and I had to get her. We call that Love at First Sight!

My Tabby Named Missy 
I rescued this kitty 3 years ago. Someone tossed her outside at the age of 6 weeks old to fend for herself just because she was a female and different. …

Samantha is Maine Coon Cat she weighs about 15lb. She is very sweet we love her very much!

Here is a Cool Cat named Noelle ( Nolly) 
Hello, my name is Noelle. I was rescued from the Humane Society of Ottawa just before Christmas of 1998 by my wonderful family. I am very spoilt and …

A Sphynx named Cazimero 
This is my "baby" picture....I would like to enter the contest...I have already submitted my story... Mommy is "computer illiterate" ,and didn't do it …

A black cat named Salem 
Hi, I am a black cat named Salem. I used to have a twin, but he passed away last year. I grieved for a whole week by not eating, but Mommy fed me tuna …

Hi..I'm a Sphnyx Cat named Cazimero (Cazzie) 
I am a Sphnyx cat... which means I have no hair, no whiskers, and a long hairless tail... yup, born that way, but I am cute and lovable too. I have …

Here's a Tuxedo named Scotia. 
My name is Scotia and I was adopted 15 years ago. This is me way back then in all my glorious beauty. My nose back then was perfectly pink and people …

Zelda Not rated yet
I had to find a new home for my Cat, just about a week 1/2 ago, and it's quite lonely here now. We (my daughter and I) actually had 5. Probably too many …

Here's a Ragdoll named Hazel Not rated yet
I thought she was so cute here in this pic I decided to post her again, let me know if you agree . She's our true love Thanks Suzanne

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