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Millions of dog pictures... millions of dogs! We are everywhere! This is the big dog picture roundup! You have the pictures and we have just the spot for them.

Gus the Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog

Hi, it’s Gus here again, and I am so happy that you have landed here on the Dog Spots Page. This is my favorite spot on It’s not that I don’t like the other spots on this web site, but… well, let’s face it… I’m a dog!

If you have come to look around, I know you will enjoy your visit. See the great pictures others have contributed. But, if you have come to share your dog with us…WOW… ahemm… I mean BOW WOW! Thanks for sharing with us. They are welcome in my pack anytime. The more the merrier! Make your dog a STAR!

It doesn't matter if you are a dog owner or a dog lover waiting for your next dog. This spot is just for you. And best of all... it's free. That's right, all it will cost you is a few minutes of your time.

It’s so easy to share you photos and stories with the world. Just follow the easy step-by-step instructions… just like a walk in the park.

Airedale and Great Pyr

In addition you can view and enjoy everyone’s pictures and stories as well as make comments and rate them. It's a whole bunch of fun where you get the gift of sharing your canine capers with the world.

And there is so much more you will be able to do. You can ask questions of real dog owners about their experience with their particular breed. Learn what it is like to live with a Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog like me, or share your home with my friend Abby, an Airedale Terrier.

It all starts with you, so I will turn you over to my human companion to guide you the rest of the way (Mostly because I am not a guide dog).

Have A Great Picture of Your Dog?

Hi... It's Gus's Human here. We sure do love our dogs, don't we? And we love to take lots of pictures as they grow and spend their lives with us. And you have to admit, some of those pictures are actually very good! Why not find one of your favorites and share it with us right now?

Come on... Share it with the world! Give your dog a spot on the web. Then tell your friends. They will love you for it... and your dog will too!

Not a purebred? Even better! Whether it’s a mutt, a mix or anything else, we believe all dogs are beautiful!

Here Are Your Easy Step-by-Step Instructions.

1 – Tell us your pet’s name. It goes in the first box.

2 – Tell us about your pet. Your pet’s story goes in the second box.

3 – Send us a picture of your pet. Use the “Browse” button to find a picture of your pet on your computer.

4 – Agree with the Submission Guidelines, and then click the last button to share your pet with the world.

If you make a mistake, don’t worry. You can review and edit before sending your final work of art to us.

So there you have it… FREE Pet Spots for everyone!

As you proceed, if you need HELP... Click on the little ? found below.

Dog Pictures Other Visitors Have Shared

Click below to see wonderful dog pictures and stories from other visitors to this page...

Jack-a-Poo-Chi named Sugar 
I adopted my Sugar Booger on Oct. 17, 2011 from BCSPCA in Richmond, B.C. Canada. She's a Jack-a-Poo-Chi (Jack Russell, Poodle & Chihuahua) Her birthday …

She is Yorkshire Terrier and Name PINKY DOLL  
She is Yorkshire Terrier and Name PINKY DOLL Hi everybody, My Pet?s name is Pinky doll. We are from Sri Lanka. Pinky is 5 years old and she likes …

Goldendoodle "Mempis" 
Hunting Balls!!! There's one! POUNCE!. Got it!!

Here's Lucky a Chihuahua Mix 
I was never really a dog person until Lucky came into my life. I was at work one day when my sister called me from her job at a vet office. She told …

Here is a big yellow lab named Quinn 
Quinn is 8 years old and is a wonderful companion he loves run, walk and just be at our sides at all times. A great friend!

Here is BamBam - a Pomereranian/Chihuahua mix 
BamBam is a Pomereranian/Chihuahua mix that I adopted when he was a year old. He was born blind and apparantly was in and out of several homes until he …

She loves tickles!! She runs and runs, she likes digging, jumping over the bushes, playing ball, and chasing my other small dog in the backyard.

He's very intelligent. He learns his tricks very fast. He likes to shake hands, crawl, run and run some more. He loves to dig in the sand. And he eats …

She's very active She likes going on roadtrips, camping, jogging at the beach, eat socks and chew tennis shoes, taking a nap on my bed.

Here's a shihtzu named Ripley 
Hi my name is Ripley, and I really love to play with my toys and my Mom and Dad. I have a boy his name is Kohl and he plays with me a lot when he comes …

Hi, my name is Honey and I'm a Jack Russel Terrier 
I love to play... ALL THE TIME! (except when I'm sleeping). I know it really bothers human mum and dad when I constantly ask them to play ball or take …

More Mykka Pictures -Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix 
Hi there! It's me - - Mykka - My Mom just wanted to put another picture on the website. It's me - showing off again! Hope you like it.

Here is a Poodle named Oliver 
Hi, my name is Oliver and I am 5 months old. I am an Apricot Standard Poodle. My father was a dark red and my mother was a light apricot. I live with …

Abby the Airedale 
Hi, I'm Abby (yes the same one you see in the Puppy section and hanging out with Gus) and let me tell you, I'm not your average Airedale. Oh wait, maybe …

Goldi, named Ginger (Soccergoldi) 
The story of Ginger and me began 10 years ago when I saw the 4 week old puppy dog for the first time at the breeder. We bonded instantly when this ginger …

Here is a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix named Mykka (pron. Meek-a) 
Hi there! My name is Mykka and I used to be a puppy mill dog. I got rescued, but then I was in a home where the owners weren't very nice to me. I had …

More Mykka Pictures - Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix 
Hi Again! It's me - - Mykka - - Here is another picture of me (I think I like this one better than the last one!) Oh by the way - - Did I tell you …

Airdale and Great Pyrenees 
Here are two good pals at rest after running around the house for a while. These are two big dogs and what a good ol' romp they have when they get together! …

Here's a Standard poodle named Aiko Not rated yet
This is my puppy Aiko, she is a standard poodle and is currently 9 weeks old. I worked years and dreamt of having this dog ever since I knew dogs existed. …

Sparky he's a rat terrier beagle mix. They call them Raggles Not rated yet
Sparky was a 7 week old puppy, we adopted because we had to euthenize our beloved Jack Russel. Sparky is a wonderful companion. He's very energetic, loves …

Here's a Miniature Chihuahua named Yoda (again) Not rated yet
This is Yoda! He's a friendly, cuddly little guy. He loves going outside, but only when the weather is nice. He hates the snow and the rain, so I put his …

Here's a Miniature Chihuahua named Yoda  Not rated yet
Yoda was born in Saint Catherines, Ontario. He was sold to a woman for 500$. She already had another chihuahua, but she couldn't handle both. Therefore, …

My name is Lazy. I am a Japanese Spitz Breed. Now I am 6 years old. I like to play with toys and hunting small rats, Chicks and squirrel. I have a good …

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