GEORGE a Sable (chocolate brown) Burmese

by Sherry Irvine
(Waterdown, ON)

George having a rare

George having a rare "quiet" moment

Ah....dear George.

George is a 6 year old sable (chocolate brown) purebred Burmese. Much to my chagrin - he is an outdoor cat....this is an absolute MUST or you cannot live with him. He does keep the mice and birds at bay and sometimes leaves us presents.

George loves all his owners - although Rob is his favourite. He is very affectionate; he loves to be picked up and cuddled. He sheds very little. He is very well behaved. He does not use the litter box much as he prefers to do his business outside. George is very talkative. He loves to wake us up at 4:30 in the morning - making us go down to watch him eat and then when he's ready to be let outside. When he wants in - he is very noisy and loud and we must let him in quickly or else he is disturbing the neighbours. When George sleeps through the night - we've had a good sleep.

He came to us as a friendly rescue. My friend Caroline owns George's mother. Caroline decided to breed her cat and 6 kittens were born. George was one of them. He was given to her mother as a gift. Caroline's mother had Alzheimer's. This may or may not contribute to George's expectations of his new owners.

In 2008 Caroline's mother passed away. Her father took care George.....UNTIL the evil step mother came into the picture a few months later. The Evil step mother decided that George was no longer wanted.

Caroline found a home for him. After 2 weeks - these new owners had to go to bed with with plugs in their ears in order to get some sleep - as he bothered them so much. (They probably wanted to keep him in - and he would have nothing to do with that). They decided he was not a good fit for their family.

My friend finds him yet another home - this time with one of George's sisters.

In the meantime - George's humans were having dinner at Caroline and Mike's - and the whole George story came up. George was at his 3rd owners now. Caroline was worried that it might not work out - so I mentioned that I could be interested if the new home didn't work out. 1 week later - I get the call from Mike - "Want that cat? He's yours." 1 hour later we have George. I guess George's sister would have none of him!

He is an awesome pet and a great fit for his human family.

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My Favorite Color
by: Suzanne Drouinn

Oh Man your cat George is so beautiful that's my favorite color amongst others,and your story is charming

George the Talkative Burmese
by: TC

George is one lucky puss! Chatty cats are the best!

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