Goldi, named Ginger (Soccergoldi)

by Diana Stettler

soccer goldi

soccer goldi

The story of Ginger and me began 10 years ago when I saw the 4 week old puppy dog for the first time at the breeder.

We bonded instantly when this ginger coloured puppy sniffed me up and probably thought :" lady, who are you and what are you doing looking at my brothers and sisters ? I kinda like you, and maybe you wanna pick me...!!! 7 weeks later I took him to his new home.

Oh...also needless to say how a male dog got his name ginger... I have to admit it was a colour thing.

We went trough thick and thin together and he always had an ear for me... when I was sad, happy, excited he was just simply there.

But I will let Ginger tell you his story from his eyes:

Ok, here I am dragged away from my litter box with this new lady I kinda liked, but really got to know her better and I really enjoyed being around her.

My Grandma and Grandpa live in Switzerland in the countryside in the mountains, so I had the chance to visit and decided I wanted to live there for a while. I really do miss my mom, but since she is often abroad with work I do not need to visit my buddies at the kennel and this is kinda cool, cause I have lots of liberty and space.

I get to go hiking in the rocks, swim in the river, run in the snow and my summer past time is playing soccer with my friends.

Hey has anyone seen the movie "Buddie the Basketball player who plays for a human team?"

Well hey that is me, but I play soccer with my neigbours. Unfortunately sometimes I get so excited that I am wagging my tail a little too much and little kids get run over, but I am not a malicious dog, it is just my nature to be active and run.

I absolutely adore kids and if they play close to the water, getting dangerously close to a busy street, I have the tendency to keep an eye out for them.

Grandma and Grandpa say I am not the greatest guard dog. I personally think that is an understatement. I let the strangers enter the house, but really will not let them leave the house, because you can not have people coming to the house without saying hello to my masters....but that is just me.

Cats uh oh......well, that is another story, I tolerate em, not my favourite teammate because they are sometimes faster than me and I got my face scratched a few times. They can really get annoying.

I had a Persian brother and we got along wonderfully, but since he is in kitty Valhalla I tend to stay away from unrelated felines.

Also cows scare me since I ran into an electric fence while chasing what I thought was my brother Primus. So I think cows are dangerous creatures and I even hate the sound of their bells, so my master tried to convince me that it is ok to walk by at a ranch where these huge animals are staring at me, but I still do not like it.

I have to admit, I am loving every minute with my relatives and I get to see my mom quite often.

I think I have a pretty good dog life and wish that a lot of my brothers and sisters would be as lucky as me. This is my story and I have lots more to tell, but that is for another time.

Oh, above is a picture of me with my soccer ball when I am not busy sleeping or eating.

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