Here's a Miniature Chihuahua named Yoda (again)

by Chelsea

Miniature Chihuahua Yoda

Miniature Chihuahua Yoda

Miniature Chihuahua Yoda
Miniature Chihuahua named Yoda
 Yoda - ready to go

This is Yoda! He's a friendly, cuddly little guy. He loves going outside, but only when the weather is nice. He hates the snow and the rain, so I put his little rain coat on. He hates it, absolutely hates it. But it keeps him dry and its got a little hood to keep his big ears dry.

He eats once a day, but will snack on his kibbles during the night. He will never sleep alone, he always has to sleep with me. I don't mind, he's cuddly and cute. When I wake up he's exactly where he was when we went to sleep. always next to me under my arm and his head pushed under mine.

He loves his pinky. its a little animal thing I got from a vending machine. It's his favourite toy. He has many toys but pinky is his favourite.

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