Here's a Miniature Chihuahua named Yoda

by Chelsea

Yoda was born in Saint Catherines, Ontario. He was sold to a woman for 500$. She already had another chihuahua, but she couldn't handle both. Therefore, selling Yoda to me, for 300$. She sold him to me cheaper because I'm her friend's baby sitter.

Yoda was my Christmas present. He is the best friend that has ever come into my life. Every morning he wake me up and cuddles with me, then we go out for our morning walk. When we come back home I give him breakfast and then go on with my daily routine. We go out for many walks during the day and he loves everyone and everything. He brings so much happiness to my life and I'm sure he has this effect on people he meets everyday.

The first time I gave him a bath he hated the water. Just like a cat. But I'm sure it was because of the type of shampoo I got him. I use baby shampoo now and he loves his baths!

He's the greatest little guy! So friendly and obedient. I had no troubles house training him. He's a nine month old chihuahua, and he's my best friend. <3

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