Here's a Tuxedo named Scotia.

by Cheryl

My name is Scotia and I was adopted 15 years ago. This is me way back then in all my glorious beauty.

My nose back then was perfectly pink and people always remarked on it...I even got the nickname "Nosa Scotia"! But I developed a little black spot on my nose so the comedians gave up.

I'm kind of shy and I keep to myself. But I'm crazy about my human Mom. My sister Yukon is cool, Tattoo's a pest and Gus is just too big for me.

I hope you like my story. I'm lucky to be here because I was the little runt in the litter.

My cat mom kept taking me away from the rest of my brothers and sisters. A kind lady kept putting me back so I could feed and eventually I was strong enough to be adopted.

I have had many health problems but my human parents have gotten me all the medical treatments I've needed. They tell their friends, "There's no such thing as a free kitten!"

I'm slowing down a bit in my old age and my hearing is not so good, but my purring is just as good as ever!


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