Hi, my name is Honey and I'm a Jack Russel Terrier

by Paul
(Grand Valley, Ontario)

Me on a raft with Trevor

Me on a raft with Trevor

I love to play... ALL THE TIME! (except when I'm sleeping). I know it really bothers human mum and dad when I constantly ask them to play ball or take me for a walk all the time - but I just can't help myself - it's in my genes I guess.

Also, I get really bored just sitting around doing nothing. I really like summer a lot because I can go swimming in the pool. I even have my own raft and I love jumping onto my raft and then into the pool to chase my yellow ball or my torpedo.

I often race my human dad for the ball and usually win, unless he tries to get a head start. I also love to play with my human mum and dad's grandchildren and I love Trevor and Skyler a whole lot. I really look forward to their visits - I get so excited just thinking about them coming to play with me.

One of my most favourite things to do besides swimming and playing ball is going for walks down to the river. I really like trying to catch crayfish. I sometimes even put my head under the water trying to catch the little devils - they move so fast!

I have recently discovered the internet - there are some really neat dog videos on youtube. I think my human dad sometimes gets annoyed with me always trying to jump onto his lap while he's on the computer but I hope he soon gets used to it!

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Hi There Honey!
by: Mykka

You are really sweet! I love your colouring. My neighbour (who moved away)is named Pheobe and she looks a lot like you. We might be far distant cousins a way back in the family tree. I hope so!

Thanks for sharing your story. It is neat that you like to swim and have a 'board'. I don't do any of that stuff - but I am very "bouncy" for my age.

Welcome to PetSpots!

Love Mykka

I Ruff You Honey
by: Trevor Hartman


I love you so much. We always have so much fun in the pool together. I can't wait to see you again. We never see each other, but I hope we do soon because when we do, we have loads of fun!

Have you caught those Chipmunks yet? Or the Rabbits? Oh and you better get into shape..because I am bringing my rollerblades up!

Hope to see you soon!

From your best bud


Honey's story
by: Nancy

Hi My name is Ripley, I have grown up with Honey, since we were just 8 weeks old. I have a lot of fun around the pool with Honey and the boys, but unlike Honey I don't really like to swim.

I am a shithtzu light in color with a bandanna that has my name on it. My human mom is Honey's dad's daughter, who also loves to hang around the pool. Honey is my best friend, and I really look forward to our visits together.

I love Honey!
by: Skyler Volk

Honey is a nice dog. I like swimming with her and catching the ball for her. I like it when she barks at the possum under the deck. She is sooooo cute! My dog Haylee likes Honey. They are best friends.

by: julia

Hi,or should I say wouf! My name... actually our names, are Heidi and Oscar! We read your story on your life, pretty cool! Have you ever caught one of those cray-fish you were talking about? If not here is a tip, cray-fish go BACKWARDS. (approach from the back) Anyways, me and Heidi were thinking that you could come to our house!!!

We have lots and lots of fun. Julia

Honey the Jack Terrier
by: Cheryl

Honey is Oh-so-cool and looking really hip on that boogie board. Who would have thought that a little Jack Russell Terrier could be so in the groove! You go girl!!!

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