Jake my sweet beloved little angel

by Tammy Spalsbury

This is Jake all healed after surgery

This is Jake all healed after surgery

This is Jake all healed after surgery
This is Jake laying in his favorite spot on his daddy's pillow
This is Jake sitting so proud
This is Jake on the last day of his life

Jake was a Jack Russell Terrier. A tiny white little darling with golden markings. We got him when he was 6 weeks old, born on 9-9-2001. I Loved that puppy more and more every time I looked at him.He drew up to be such a handsome dog. He was just like one of my kids, in fact my kids claimed I treated him better than them. He did everything with me, he knew when it was time to get the mail tail just a wagging. He loved to play fetch, he would play till the point he'd be sore the next day.In fact he would of slept with his squeeky tennis ball if I would of let him. That dog had a huge piece of my heart.He was so spoiled, spoiled to the point it was rediculous. He had such a wonderful life, and gave me and my husband so very much joy in our lives.Jake wasn't just a dog, he was part of our family. He grew and got older and was doing great as he aged. I gave him supplements for his joints and everything. I kept him very active,and he was very healthy his whole life till he turned 12years old.He got a lump on his leg, on the ankle area. We thought he hurt it playing ball. Well it didn't go away. So i took him to the vet that I was seeing at the time. She aspirated it, said no worries it's just a cyst. So I didn't worry, but then it started getting hard like a rock. So I consulted with the owner veterinarian where I took Jake. The Horrific News It's Cancer, my heart shattered into a billion pieces. She said we could amputate the leg. But no guarantees the cancer hasn't spread. We had the leg amputated. She sent the leg to a cancer institute to be tested. Wow wonderful no cancer in the rest of the leg. It was a long road recovering after surgery, lots of pain meds. And carrying Jake up and down the stairs to go out to the bathroom. Not 1 complaint out of me, I had my baby alive. 4 months of healing, and he was back to himself, running and everything with 3 legs. He was doing wonderful, I Loved that dog so much. January came around, my husband found a large lump on Jakes neck. OH MY GOD! Took him right to the vet. She aspirated it, and came back in the room. Just tell us it's not Cancer,I can't she said. I died inside. Went to cancer institute, had the lump removed. Chemo Dr. Says worst case,scenario 4 months it felt like me dying. She says some dogs live for years. Did the chemo,was working great, they did the routine X-ray she said his spleen is enlarged. Tried a couple more meds,they made him sick, and he stopped eating. My Heart Was Hurting So Bad. Last X-ray Dr. Said I'm So Sorry the cancer is all thru him. Instead of letting our Beloved Jake suffer, we gave him his dignity and had him Euthenized. Chemo kept him alive for 5 months, 3 months before he would of turned 13 years old. MY BELOVED JAKE. His 2 Nick names were Jakie and BoBo. I will Love that Dog Forever. Romp and play in Heaven My BeLoved BoBo.

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