Lily is a golden tabby Maine Coon

Lily in the wild.

Lily in the wild.

On August 6, 2008, this tiny little face appeared in our garden amongst the Hosta Lily. After three days of feeding and endless efforts of hide and go seek, we finally caught her!

We rushed her to the Boyd avenue animal hospital fearing that she was in desperate need of medical attention. The only attention she really needed was for someone to love her and remove a tick. I called the Ottawa Human Society and asked the neighbours if anyone was missing a kitten. No word.

After a two week quarantine, three visits to the vets for shoots, de-worming and God knows what else, a lot of hissing and growling from Cinder and Spooky (our other two rescue cats) we now have Lily.

She's a golden tabby, Maine Coon-or so the vet said and she's a little pistol. We are so fortunate to have her for she is our good omen.

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