More Mykka Pictures - Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix

by Mykka's Mom
(Kanata, ON, Canada)

Hi Again! It's me - - Mykka - -

Here is another picture of me (I think I like this one better than the last one!)

Oh by the way - - Did I tell you I have a middle name??

Well I do -

My full name is Mykka May (so there!)

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by: Maddy

Hi I'm Maddy, I'm from Australia ! HAHA wow my dog is called Mika and she is also a Jack Russel/Chihuahua mix ! They both look so similiar !!! Strange world, isn't it?

Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix
by: Brina


my dog look like your dog..only a bit bigger.

Where'd u buy your dog? My lil girl comes from Rumania :S. She's now 9 years old :o :(

My dog??
by: Anonymous

I wish I could send you a picture of my dog!!! She is a twin for your dog!! The only difference is mine has kinky hair (more like a wire hair terr) on her back, but the rest of her is smooth. She is a double for your dog though! And yes, she too is a jack/chi mix!

Wow your dog favors my dog
by: Belinda

I think your dog is precious and I must admit looks a lot like my dog, a mixed breed which we did not know just what was in her, so now I am wondering if she is also Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix

Shameless Hussy!
by: Sandy

That is so cute..!Lucky doggie...

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