A Pet Photo Contest Just For You! Get Involved And Be A Winner!!

“A Pet Photo Contest!” you say? “Hey, don’t leave me behind! How do I get involved?”

Our Contestants

Yes… a contest! And it’s easy to get involved. In fact you’re already getting there just by reading this. So don’t worry… you won’t be left behind. And what’s more it’s really simple to enter.

Plus you can enter this contest more than once. Yes, that’s right… You can enter many pictures in the same month or over many months… you just can't enter the same picture more than once. And of course you will remember to provide a short story about the picture, won’t you? And that’s it! Don’t you just love Contests like this one?

And where do you enter your picture into this Contest? Simply select a “Spot” from the Navigation on the left and there you will find everything you need to know to enter, with instructions laid out in a few easy steps. Then we will place your picture in the slide show on this page and we will provide everyone a place to vote for his or her favourite.

And what are the PRIZES? The picture with the most votes in each category wins the category and is posted on the Main Page for that Spot for the month. And of course, the picture with the most overall votes gets placed on the Home Page of Pet-Spots.com for a month for the entire world to see.

Haven’t entered yet? Pick a "Spot" with the buttons on the left and enter our Pet Photo Contest now!

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