Amazing Pet Pictures and Stories From Around The World

Pet Pictures From Around The World you say? This whole web site is about pets and the people who love them. Imagine your pet having its own spot on the web for FREE! WOW!

You know just how crazy you are about your pet. Now you can publish and share your pet pictures with the world right here at this site, or as I like to call it… this Pet Spot (I have created a few spots in my time, let me tell you). There is so much to enjoy here. I love all kinds of pets and I want you to show off your pets to the world.

And who am I? Well my name is Gus and I'm a Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog. I run this section of the site, although I let my human companion AKA pack leader and owner (yeah… right) think that he is actually in charge. I'm a Livestock Guardian Dog and I instinctively protect all small living things including kids… well almost all small things anyway. Sometimes I like to chase fowl. Sometimes I like to chase cats. But mostly I like to play and it is misunderstood… honest!!

I'm a little bigger than your average dog but I am also known as the “Gentle Giant” so I can’t be all that bad. But that’s enough about me. This site is all about YOU.

Let’s give them something to bark about…. Let's make this site the biggest, baddest site about everybody’s everyday pets… Dogs, Cats, Puppies, Kittens, fish, birds, horses, snakes, potbellied pigs, even lizards and snakes if you got ‘em. This is the spot to tell their stories and share them with the world. And best of all... it's all for free.

So round up your best pictures and write a few words to tell us about your special friend. Even better... have your pet tell its own story, in its own words. Well that’s because mostly I think pets do that all of the time anyway. All you have to do is see it from their point of view.

Then you can tell your friends to visit and see your pet and they can then share their pet pictures and stories with us and wow… wouldn’t that be so much fun?

Here is where you can share your Dog pictures and see pictures and stories that others have posted.

Of course, this is the place to be if you have puppy pictures or want to see puppy pictures.

The same is true for Cat pictures and for Kitten pictures too. You can post your own or enjoy those that others have shared.

Pet Spots makes it very simple. Just walk with your pet… step by step and BINGO! There we are for the world to see.

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