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Puppy pictures are the cutest… almost as cute as the puppies themselves. And new puppy owners shoot tons of 'em! So what would be better than to share them with the world, right here on our Puppy Spots page! Make your puppy a STAR!

Hi, it’s Gus here again, and I am so happy that you have landed here on the Puppy Spots Page. This is my second favorite spot on pet-spots.com. Of course I like the other spots on this web site too, but… I am a dog, and I used to be a puppy, and well… I am biased towards canines. See the fantastic puppy pictures others have contributed.

From the time we are born to our first wobbly steps, we puppies are loved, cuddled and photographed. Honest, there are puppy pictures of me taken before I could even see! How about that?

And then as I grew and played there were more and more taken. It was like I was being followed by the… wait for it… puppyrazzi... Sorry for that, but I couldn’t resist!

So this is the spot for puppy pictures and stories. You can see them or you can share them. Or you can do both. You and your puppies are welcomed here. And it's absolutely FREE!

It’s so easy to share your puppy with the world. Just follow the easy step-by-step instructions… just like a walk in the park. All it will take is a few minutes of your time... nothing more!

In addition you can view and enjoy everyone’s pictures and stories as well as make comments and rate them. It's a whole bunch of fun where you get the gift of sharing your puppy with the world.

And there is so much more you will be able to do. You can ask questions of real puppy owners about their experience with their particular breed. Learn what it is like to live with a Great Pyrenees Puppy like me, or share your home with a new puppy like my friend Abby, an Airedale Terrier.

It all starts with you, so I will turn you over to my human companion to guide you the rest of the way (Mostly because, although my eyes are now open, I am not a guide dog).

Have A Great Picture of Your Puppy?

Hi... It's Gus's Human here. We sure do love our puppies, don't we? And we love to take lots of pictures as they grow and play. And you have to admit, some of those pictures are actually very good! Why not find one of your favorites and share it with us right now?

Come on... Share it with the world! Give your puppy a spot on the web. Then tell your friends. They will love you for it... and your puppy will too!

Not a purebred? Even better! Whether it’s a mutt, a mix or anything else, we believe all puppies are beautiful!

Here Are Your Easy Step-by-Step Instructions.

1 – Tell us your pet’s name. It goes in the first box.

2 – Tell us about your pet. Your pet’s story goes in the second box.

3 – Send us a picture of your pet. Use the “Browse” button to find a picture of your pet on your computer.

4 – Agree with the Submission Guidelines, and then click the last button to share your pet with the world.

If you make a mistake, don’t worry. You can review and edit before sending your final work of art to us.

So there you have it… FREE Pet Spots for everyone!

As you proceed, if you need HELP... Click on the little ? found below.

Puppy Pictures Other Visitors Have Shared

Click below to see wonderful puppy pictures and stories from other visitors to this page...

This is Vader - Lab/Shepherd mix? 
This story is about a dog named Darth Vader... We call him Vader :) He was abandoned as a little puppy in a field, with no food, water or shelter. He …

Pyper the Australian Shepherd  
Just a typically active, happy, and affectionate Aussie. With the typical different-colored eyes of the blue Merle coat. She's now two and a half years …

Shih-tzu and lhasa-poo mix named Willow 
Hi there! My name is Willow, I'm 11 weeks old and weigh 3 pounds. I'm all fur and spunk. My mommy and daddy bought me when I was 6 weeks old and love …

Heres my Border Terrier called Teddy 
I haven't yet taken my puppy home but I am getting him on Sunday. He is so cute I am getting him from Easton Hunt kennels.

Little Maisie..a pomeranian-spaniel mix 
Hi, My name is Maisie, and I am 9 weeks old...I now weigh 3 pounds...When I grow up I will weigh about 9 lbs. When I go outside on my "kitty leash", …

Hi my name is D'Jango and I am a Weimaraner. 
Some People pronounce my name wrong,but I don't mind. The D is silent. I came all the way from Anala, Manitoba. I got on the wrong plane and ended almost …

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