She is Yorkshire Terrier and Name PINKY DOLL

by Himali Jayatilleke

She is Yorkshire Terrier and Name PINKY DOLL

Hi everybody, My Pet?s name is Pinky doll. We are from Sri Lanka. Pinky is 5 years old and she likes to dig in the sand and crawl. She likes going on road trips. She is very intelligent and a great friend of mine. She likes to taking a nap on my bed.

I have to feed her meal. She didn't eat herself. When I got a Carpal Tunnel Surgery, nearly 3 weeks I couldn't feed her. Every time Pinky came and look at my hand and tried to show her loving and kindness. She like fresh milk and Chicken. We have few hens and chicks. My Pinky doll likes to hunt and catch them. She is a Very Good hunter. She is hunting rats and kittens also very well.

My Pinky Doll is a GREAT FRIEND.

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That pet called Pinky Doll
by: Calistus

First of all, this is a terrific website and well loved by all those who love their pets (most of us do, anyway!).

This adorable Yorkshire terrier called Pinky Doll appears to be more than a family member of Himali's household : she has to be fed like a little baby, and its owner cannot go anywhere outside even for a break without taking this little "doll" or keeping a caretaker for the little "doll" if she has to go for a long break, which she hardly does out of love for this "doll".

Himali has made a mention about the hunting prowess of her little doll, but little did she highlight how many chicks in the household got injured, maimed and killed due to Pinky's hunting escapades!. Perhaps, Pinky doll might be the only "dog" who catches mice - because that is the prerogative of a cat. That maybe the reason why Himali's household does not have a cat!

Pinky Doll has been spoilt a little in that she refuses to eat on her own whatever food is given to her and now waits for her to be fed by her friend. Whatever it is, it was really heartening to see the bond between the two: especially during Himali's post-operation recuperation time when Pinky Doll refused to move away from her even for a minute and all time enquiring about how she feels in its own language!

It is true that dog is Man's Best Friend and dogs voluteered to be domesticated as they could not live in jungles with other animals. Now, if human beings do not love and keep these creatures, they will have no place to go which is a real pity. It is also true that a dog is a great therapist and that's why many people keep a dog as a pet. Especially, some beauty like this Pinky Doll who becomes adorable day by day.

I should know better, because I am Himali's Dad!

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